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I wish

2010-04-08 15:07:26 by Instinctive4

I knew how to edit music well with audicity so i could post a good few songs here.

Blah blah blah

2010-02-19 18:12:33 by Instinctive4

Time too actually post some stuff on here, enough research and studying =D Should be up in a few days. Hopefully =/

Having Fun

2010-01-24 14:28:31 by Instinctive4

Right now me and a friend are just having fun and putting some lyrics to songs/beats here from newgrounds(Of course whoever we use gets credit and stuff, i'm not like that), any songs, currently working with a few, will post them shortly =D

If you have any idea on what we should do, tell us, we can do about anything(Might not always be pretty =P)

Art =D

2009-12-17 08:27:21 by Instinctive4

Currently working on a Street Fighter4- Character drawing, First drawings....ever. If anyone else wants in we can make it a collection or Collab =) just let me know.